We view ourselves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between professionals from different industries and academia. As such a platform we are capable of publishing reports about different topics surrounding AI in financial services. These publications happen on a regular basis.

On the one hand, we will provide a detailed analysis of possible fields of applications as well as ideas for improvements. On the other hand, we also offer practical instructions and tips to make real decisions easier and more informed. As a result, we hope our members are optimally prepared for the imminent change. Overall we hope to provide value beyond our members, to society as a whole.

The topics of our publications vary. We try to cover the entire spectrum of financial services from insurance to real estate and stock trading. As a member of our association, you will receive these reports in your e-mail inbox as soon as they are out.


The AI in Financial Services e.V. association stands for current research. Our renowned publications deal with the topic AI in the context of financial services.

In doing so we want to also provide practical instructions and tips for the AI related decisions professionals have to make.

Community & Network

The AI in Financial Services e.V. association has the goal to create a network of national and international players from businesses, politics, and society. Apart from our network of experts, we also try to interconnect the members of our association. This helps facilitate the exchange of knowledge across the boundaries of individual countries or industries. By doing this, we hope to do our part in bringing the philosophy of our association into the organizations and daily decision making of our members.

To curate and support this network, we have an array of different events coming up. See below for a complete list:

AI in the insurance industry 12.11.2018

@Frankfurt School of Finance, Frankfurt

Community & Network

Our core activity is the curation and extension of our community. We see ourselves as a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

Our members can then rely on this network for difficult decisions that might come up in their professional lives.

AI Summit

As the overarching element of our educational work, we organize an annual conference. At this AI Summit members of our association and those interested in becoming members meet for a two-day excursion into the future of financial services.

During this time there are extraordinary keynotes by experts, insightful workshops to learn and enough time to connect with like-minded professionals.

AI Summit

The central meeting point for new and old members alike is our annual AI Summit. Inspiring speakers and world-class participants will together discuss the future of AI at this event.

Apart from building helpful connections, the AI Summit offers an opportunity to get informed about our latest publications.